Experimental Poetry Form: one word separated into letters

Today’s experimental poetry form is called one word separated into letters.  The form consists of one word with the letters of the word on separate lines.  Each letter is indented a number of spaces equivalent to the number of the position of the letter in the alphabet.

To use the form, select a word.  Then take the word and write each letter on one line.  Then figure out the placement of each letter of the word in the alphabet.  You can just count or use the information below.

A – 1
B – 2
C – 3
D – 4
E – 5
F – 6
G – 7
H – 8
I – 9
J – 10
K – 11
L – 12
M – 13
N – 14
O – 15
P – 16
Q – 17
R – 18
S – 19
T – 20
U – 21
V – 22
W – 23
X – 24
Y – 25
Z – 26

Then indent each of the letters of the word by the value of its placement in the alphabet.

The idea of the form is to add impact to the presentation of a single word.  By having the word spaced out and broken up the reader has to put more focus into reading the word.  This increases the impact of the word and helps make a single word a poem.

Here is an example poem using the form: