Poetry topic idea: crepe myrtle trees

Today’s poetry topic idea is crepe myrtle trees.

It’s almost that time of year.  People are going to be pruning their crepe myrtle trees.  Some though, rather than pruning their trees properly, will, for some reason, lop the tops off.  Don’t do this.  Don’t.  It’s not the way to prune a tree.  It’s not.  Don’t do it.

Crepe myrtle trees have been written about on this blog before.  You can read the posts here: crepe myrtle tree posts.  Please read the posts.  If you are the type of person who lops your crepe myrtle trees, change.  It’s not too late.  You can do it.  M. Sakran encourages all readers to learn proper tree pruning methods and to prune their crepe myrtle trees properly.

After learning about pruning, readers can also write poems about crepe myrtle trees.  There are a number of ideas.

  • Of course, you could write about pruning them. You could write about why lopping them is very, very, wrong.  If you used to do this practice, and have changed, you can write about this change, and how wonderful it is.  If you see lopped trees, you could write about their plight.

  • Crepe myrtle trees have bark that peels off. You could apply the idea of peeling off an outer layer metaphorically to other situations.

  • Crepe myrtle trees have many flowers. You could write about the flowers directly or use them symbolically in a poem.

  • Crepe myrtle trees are beautiful trees (when pruned properly). You could write about how nice they look.


Here is an example poem:

Oh the poor trees,
with their tops cut off,

They suffer,
and cry,
and plead,
that they will be spared,
this horrible fate.

if only those reading this,
would prune their trees properly,
and encourage others to do so,
what joy would be felt,
what happiness.
far and wide,
would cheer.

Please spare the trees.