Poetry topic idea: electricity

Today’s poetry topic idea is electricity.  There are a number of ways a poet could write about electricity in poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Electrons. A poet could look at electricity at its fundamental level and write about the subatomic particles.  They could write about the nature and attributes of them.  They could personify them as well.

  • Electricity as something that is used. Think of having lights, fans, computers, and other things in modern life.

  • Electrical components. A poet could write about electrical components such as resistors and capacitors.  A poet could apply the function of these components as metaphors to situations in life.

  • Electrical attributes. These include things like Ohms, Watts, Amps, and Volts.  A poet could learn about each of these and write about the ideas involved in them.  For example, a watt is a unit of power.  This idea could be used symbolically in poetry.

  • Electrical fixtures themselves. These might include switches, outlets, lights, and fans.  Things that might be found in a home.

  • Electricity as a metaphor. Electricity is sometimes used as a metaphor in everyday speech.  Think of the “electricity” of attraction as an example.  There are other ideas as well.  A poet could use electricity itself as a metaphor in poetry.

Here is an example poem:

when the electricity goes out,
it’s amazing,
how quickly,
your house,
starts to feel,
like a box,
in the woods