Poetry essay: Some benefits to writing poetry

If you like reading poetry but don’t write it as much as you’d like, here are some benefits to writing poetry that will hopefully inspire you to write more.  If you already write a lot of poetry, the list below will let you in on some of the benefits you are gaining.


Poetry is good for expression.  This might be what people think about when they think about a benefit of writing poetry.  Poetry is a way for a person to express themselves.

Poetry can be a different form of expression from other kinds of writing or talking because of its style.

With poetry, a person doesn’t have to be direct.  They can use symbolism and metaphor to express something they are feeling, without revealing too much of themselves.

Also, with poetry, a person can lead in to something.  They can gradually build to an idea and present it in the way they want.  This could be different than other styles of writing where a lead in might take away from the main idea.

Poetry can also be good for expression because it doesn’t have to tell a whole story.  Poetry can just focus on a scene.  Poetry can just be the middle, without having a beginning or an end.  This can be good if a person wants to express a moment in time without describing what happened before and after it.

Improved writing

Writing poetry can help a person write better.  You can learn new words and word combinations.  You might discover different metaphors and analogies for things.  You might learn more about syllables, rhyme, and the way words sound.  Poetry can be a good exercise for writing in general.

A vehicle for learning

Poetry can help a person learn about other things.  Think, for example, if you were going to write poetry about something you cared about, but didn’t have too much knowledge of.  It might be a disease, a current event, a social issue, or something else.  To write poetry about the subject, you might start by doing some research.  You might read about the subject, watch programs about it, or talk to people.  In doing so, you would learn ideas and terminology that you could use in your poetry.  In addition, you would also be learning about the subject more generally.  You would be getting better informed.  This information could have a number of benefits for you.  For example, if you learned about a disease, you might become more empathetic to those who have it.


Poetry can be a tool for interaction.  On one level, it could be one way interaction.  You could write poetry simply for others to read.  If you take it a step further, you could have two way interactions.

You might have a poetry blog.  You could post poetry for others to read, read poetry from others, and have conversations via comments.

You might go to poetry events.  It could be a reading or something with an author.  You could interact with others there.

You might join a poetry group.  You could share the poetry you wrote and listen to others.  You could have discussions about different poems.

A break

Poetry can be a way to take a break.  It can be a way to take your mind off of whatever it is on and focus on something else.  A break might help a person feel more relaxed and when they go back to what they were doing, they might be able to focus on it more.  Sometimes, when a person stops focusing on something, and pays attention to something else, they can come up with ideas for the first thing.

A start for short fiction writing

If you read the sets that are on MSakran.com, you might notice that some of the poems and short stories are connected in a direct way (in each set they are connected in some way).  Some of the short stories are longer versions of the poems that are with them.

A poem can be a way to start a short story.  As mentioned above, a poem can be way to express a scene.  It can be a way to show a moment in time.  It can be the middle, without the beginning or end.

Sometimes when a person writes fiction, the middle is what they think of first.  They know the heart of the story.  They know the main point and impact.  This part can be what they express in poetry.

Once that part is expressed, a person could fill it out more.  They could take the poem they wrote and write it in longer language.  They could turn the poem into the middle of a story.

Once the middle of the story is developed, the person can then focus on the beginning and the end.  They’ve developed the main part, and then they can focus on what is around it.

Poetry used this way can be a start for more developed stories.