Artwork to inspire poetry: Hand holding an apple

Hand holding an apple

Above is an artwork of a hand holding an apple.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Picking fruit. A poet could examine things like an individual picking fruit from their own tree, or they could look at something like farm labor.

  • A person handing a piece of fruit to someone else. This idea could be applied to many contexts.  As an example, a poet could write about someone handing someone else a piece of fruit at a food pantry.

  • Someone looking at an apple. A poet could examine different things the person might be thinking about.  An example might be the color of the apple reminds the person of something.

  • A person about to do something with an apple. They might be making an apple pie or they might be turning it into juice.

  • A person with a disability. An example might be writing about a person that has trouble using their hand, and holding things, like an apple, might be part of the therapy they are going through.  As another example, a poet might write about a person who lost the use of their hand and finally regained the ability to hold something, like an apple.  A poet could write about that moment.

Here is an example poem:

After staring at the apple,
for ten minutes,
he gave up.

looks so easy,
in the movies.