Poetry topic idea: the color blue

Today’s poetry topic idea is the color blue.  A poet could write about a number of blue things.  Some include:

the sky

blue flowers

blue eyes

planets with blue

moons with blue

water reflecting the sky

blue birds

blue gems

blue insects

blue ice

blue colored food


blue paint

blue ink

blue clothing

blue fish

blue lights

blue stars


A poet could also write about blue as a reference to sadness (i.e. feeling blue) as well as blue in expressions (e.g. out of the blue).  There are other ideas as well.

Here is an example poem using blue:

Her roommate,
saw her sitting,
in blue light,
wrapped in a blue blanket,
wearing blue pajamas,
with blue fingernails,
eating blueberry ice cream,
with a single blue iris,
watching a blue screen,
while a movie with blue in the tile,
was loading.

To which she asked,
“Break up again?”

And heard the reply,
(sobbing, and wiping with blue tissues),
how did you know?”