Poetry topic idea: makeup

Today’s poetry topic idea is makeup.  Makeup can inspire a number of poetry ideas.  A poet could write about:

  • Appearance. Makeup is meant to change, and generally improve, a person’s appearance.  A poet could write about appearance and how makeup alters it.  They could focus on before and after, societal ideas of appearance, self-worth, inner appearance vs. outer appearance, and other things.

  • Masks. A poet could relate makeup to the idea of masks.  They could write about things like a person changing how they act to reflect their appearance.

  • Movies. Makeup is used in movies.  A poet could write about characters, roles, and how an actor can appear different with the use of makeup.

  • Hiding. Makeup can be used to hide things such as aging, blemishes, tiredness, and so forth.  A poet could write about this and expand on the idea of hiding.

  • Beauty. Makeup can be related to beauty.  A poet could write about beauty and approach it from different perspectives.

Here is a poem inspired by makeup:

there were black and white movies,
and none thought
that something was lacking.

But then,
color came
and movies were glowing
and bright,
and all of a sudden
black and white movies,
didn’t seem the same.

Once something has been added,
the previous situation,
which seemed sufficient,
becomes lacking.