Experimental Poetry Form: top letter row of the keyboard

Today’s experimental poetry form is called top letter row of the keyboard.

Depending on the keyboard you use, the top letter row may consist of the following letters in the following order: qwertyuiop.  These letters form the basis of the poetry form.  The form has the following elements:

1. It is an acrostic poem of one stanza with the acrostic aspect forming qwertyuiop.

2. Each line has ten syllables, which is the number of letters in qwertyuiop.

3. The lines starting with consonants rhyme (qwrtyp) and the lines starting with vowels rhyme (euio).

Here is an example poem illustrating the form:

Quickly escape the labyrinth, do not wait.
With quick steps the monster seeks you with hate.
Each second you delay, your time does wane.
Reach the end in time, and pass through the gate.
The monster runs and it will not be late.
You must flee! Escape a horrible fate!
Unless you escape, all will be in vain.
It will capture you and inflict such pain.
Outside there is safety from this great bane.
Please escape now. Time will not slow its rate.