Poem with an explanation: looking at the picture

looking at the picture
and not realizing
it was painted
by other hands


This poem is about opinions and views.

In society people have opinions and views of things.  Some things are small, like what foods a person likes.  Some things are larger, like social ideas.

There can be a perception by people that they form their own opinions and views.  They can believe that they feel certain ways about certain things out of choice.  What can be unnoticed though is the impact of people, society, education, marketing, and media.  All of these things can influence the opinions and views people have.  Even though people think they shape their own opinions and views, these opinions and views can largely be influenced by outside influences.

In the poem, a person is looking at a picture.  They think they painted the picture.  They don’t realize though that others painted it.

This idea symbolizes a person thinking of their opinion or view of something.  They believe they chose to see things the way they do.  They don’t realize the outside influences that shaped how they think.