Poetry topic idea: coins

Today’s poetry topic idea is coins.  Coins can be used in a variety of ways in poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Chance. A poet could write about flipping a coin to decide something.

  • Groupings. Coins can be grouped in various ways.  One way is by denomination.  Other ways could be color or size.  A poet could write about different things grouped in different ways.

  • Value. Coins have value that is defined.  A poet could apply this idea to things or people.

  • Metals. Coins are made of metal.  A poet could write about different metals and alloys.

  • Buying something. Coins can be used to make purchases.  A poet could write about small purchases made with coins.

Coins can also be used to make experimental poetry forms.  The values of the coins for example, can be used as different numbers in poetry forms.  They could be syllable counts, line counts, letter counts, and so forth.

Here is a poem using coins:

one hundred and twenty four cents

sorry sir,
the pain medicine
costs a dollar thirty