Experimental Poetry Form: apples and oranges

Today’s experimental poetry form is called apples and oranges.  The idea is to play off of the expressions of comparing apples and oranges.

The form has two stanzas: the apples stanza and the oranges stanza.  The stanzas are different from each other to illustrate the idea of the differences in the fruit, and thereby illustrate the idea of the difference expressed in the saying.

The apples stanza is aligned to the left and the oranges stanza is aligned to the right.  They are on the same level horizontally.  This expresses the idea that the two things are on opposite sides of each other.

The apples stanza is written in red letters and the oranges stanza is written in orange letters.  This reflects the fruit.

The apples stanza has six lines and the oranges stanza has seven lines.  This is from the number of letters in the fruit names.

In the apples stanza, lines 2, 3, 4, and 6 rhyme.  These represent the consonants in the word apples.  In the oranges stanza, lines 1, 3, and 6 rhyme.  This represents the vowels in the word oranges.

Both stanzas are written in trochaic meter because both apple and orange are trochaic words.

The apples stanza has two metrical feet per line because apples has two syllables.  The oranges stanza has three metrical feet per line because oranges has three syllables.

Below is what the form looks like. The / represent stressed syllables, and the * represent unstressed syllables. The Rs mark the rhyming lines of each stanza. Each pair of /* represents a metrical foot.

/* /*                                                                                        /* /* /*R
/* /*R                                                                                      /* /* /*
/* /*R                                                                                      /* /* /*R
/* /*R                                                                                      /* /* /*
/* /*                                                                                        /* /* /*
/* /*R                                                                                      /* /* /*R
                                                                                                /* /* /*