Poetry essay: You should read poetry

Although it may sound illogical, sometimes people who write poetry, don’t read poetry.  There are a number of reasons this might be.

First, it could be that a person is interested in expressing their own ideas, but isn’t necessarily interested in reading the ideas of others.  Although it might seem slightly bad, it could be that the person simply is more focused on getting something out, than in taking something in.

Second, it could be, that although a person likes writing poetry, they find that they don’t enjoy reading it.  It could be because the person likes a particular style of poetry and finds that the poetry they encounter doesn’t fit this style.

Third, it could be that a person has read some poetry and found that they didn’t like what they read.  It could be that they generalized poetry from this, and decided not to read anymore.

Whatever the reason for not reading poetry, if you write poetry, you really should read poetry.  There are a number of reasons for this.

First, if you want people to read your poetry, you should read the poetry of others.  While there isn’t really a direct connection (just because you read the poetry of others doesn’t mean people will read your work) it can give you a feeling that there should be.  You read the work of others, and therefore you can feel that others should read your work.  This idea works best if many people buy into it.  Although there isn’t a direct logic here, if does sort of make sense that if you want people to do something, you should do it first.

(As a note to this, if you tell people about the poetry you read, and let them know about this idea and why you are reading it, it might inspire them to read your own work.)

Second, reading poetry can give you ideas for your own poetry.  Although you shouldn’t use people’s words, can get ideas from other poems.  You might read poems about topics you haven’t considered or showing perspectives you hadn’t thought of and this can help you get ideas for your own work.

Third, reading poetry can help you improve your own poetry.  Again, although you shouldn’t use other people’s words, you can get ideas for metaphors and symbolism that you may not have thought of.  You may also encounter form elements you find you could use.

Fourth, if you look broadly for poetry, you should be able to find some style of work you like.  Check out published poets, poetry in magazines, poetry on blogs, even poetry on greeting cards.  Don’t worry about what you perceive others think about poetry.  If you look broadly, you should find something that you enjoy.

If you are looking for poetry to read, there are a number of poems on this blog.  You can read both poems and poems with explanations.

You might also check out M. Sakran’s collection of poetry, First Try, or M. Sakran’s self-published collection of poems with explanations, Understanding: poems with explanations.  First Try contains one hundred poems, and Understanding: poems with explanations contains twenty explained poems.

There are also poems that are parts of sets of photography, artwork, poetry, and fiction, on MSakran.com.

Wherever you look for poetry, if you write poetry, you should find poetry to read.  It can be an important idea in having others read your work, it can give you ideas, it can improve your writing, and you can enjoy what you read.


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