Poetry topic idea: extroversion

Today’s poetry topic idea is extroversion.  A poet could write about:

  • Being an extrovert.

  • The perception of extroversion in society.

  • The contrast between extroversion and introversion.

  • An extrovert in a situation they feel comfortable in (e.g. at a party).

  • An extrovert in a situation they feel uncomfortable in (e.g. by themselves for an extended period of time).

  • Extroversion applied to things. Examples would be things like: brightly colored birds, a vintage car, or a large flower.

  • The behavior of extroverts.

  • An introvert struggling to act like an extrovert.

  • Being labeled an extrovert.

  • Professions extroverts might do well in (e.g. sales).


Here is an example poem using the idea of extroversion:

They finally invented,
a tiny camera,
that floats in the air,
and follows you around,
all the time.
Now you can livestream,