Experimental Poetry Form: dogs and cats

Today’s experimental poetry form is called dogs and cats.  It consists of two stanzas: the dog stanza and the cat stanza.  The stanzas reflect the behavior of the animals.


The first stanza is the dog stanza.  The dog stanza is uniform and orderly.  It has a large font and is centered on the page.  It represents an obedient dog sitting in front of a person.

The dog stanza has the following qualities:

Page layout: Centered and top of page

Font: 16

Lines: 5

Meter: iambic pentameter

Rhyme: Lines 1, 3, and 5. Lines 2 and 4.


The second stanza is the cat stanza.  The cat stanza is off to the right and lower on the page.  It is not uniform.  The font is small.  It represents a cat ignoring a person.

The cat stanza has the following qualities:

Page layout: Right aligned and lower on the page

Font: 8

Lines: 9

Line one syllable count: 5

Line two syllable count: 8

Line three syllable count: 4

Line four syllable count: 9

Line five syllable count: 7

Line six syllable count: 3

Line seven syllable count: 2

Line eight syllable count: 6

Line nine syllable count: 10

Rhyme: none

Meter: none


Generally the form looks as follows: