Poem: in real life

You’ve seen it in movies,
haven’t you?

There’s the hero.
Things aren’t going well.
They are quite downtrodden.

Then something happens.
A motivation.
An inspiration.

The music changes.

The video montage plays.

They train.
They study.
They work.

Things change.

Things look better.
They look better.
They cheer at the end of the music.

what is portrayed to be,
a few days,
or weeks,
or months,
everything turns around.

The hero,
loses weight,
or learns to box,
or becomes the top salesperson,
or writes the novel,
or whatever the goal is.

But real life,
isn’t like the movies.

and motivation,
aren’t enough.

In real life,
days take days,
weeks take weeks,
and months take months.

In real life,
things are tedious.

In real life,
things don’t work.

In real life,
things aren’t one for one.

In real life,
motivation + effort,
doesn’t necessarily,
= success.

In real life,
after the inspiration,
after the motivation,
while some music may play,
the video montage doesn’t.

The first day,
of a six month journey,
might take five seconds,
on the screen,
but it takes,
eighty six thousand four hundred seconds,
in real life.

In real life,
things are hard.

In real life,
wanting something,
isn’t enough.

In real life,
there is tedium,
and mistakes.

In real life,
after the inspiration,
after the motivation,
no video montage plays.