Poetry topic idea: gum

Today’s poetry topic idea is gum.  There are a number of ways gum can inspire poetry.

First, gum is chewed but not eaten.  This idea of doing something that seems to have a certain result, but that does not, can be used in poetry.

Second, bubbles can be blown with gum.  A poet could apply this idea to things like expansion, the expression “bursting someone’s bubble”, or to the idea of something being filled with something lacking substance.

Third, gum can have artificial flavors and colors.  The idea of inauthenticity could be applied to different situations.

Fourth, some people find other people chewing gum annoying.  The idea of annoying could be used in poetry.

Fifth, a problem with gum is what to do with it when the flavor is gone.  It can be thrown away, but if the wrapper is gone, that can be difficult.  The idea of what to do when some aspect of something is gone can be applied to a number of ideas.

Here is a poem inspired by gum:

chewing on thoughts
that don’t lead anywhere
can cause cavities
in accomplishments