Poem with an explanation: disillusionment

The commercial said
use the machine
 just a few minutes
 just a few days
 just a few weeks
and everything
yes everything
would change.

six months later
and who knows how many hours
and unfortunately,
the after photo
looks like the before.


In this poem a person is disillusioned with a piece of exercise equipment.

In the first stanza, they mention the claim of the commercial for the equipment.  They talk about how the commercial claimed that a small amount of effort (the repeat of the word just) could lead to a large change in their life (the emphasis on everything).

In the second stanza, after a large amount of effort (months and hours instead of minutes and days), the person has seen little change (their after photo looks like their before photo, unlike in the commercial where the after photo looked dramatically different from the before photo).  This is what causes their disillusionment.