Poetry topic idea: professional wrestling

Today’s poetry topic idea is professional wrestling.  A poet could write about:

  • The contrast between professional and amateur wrestling.

  • Themselves as a wrestling performer.

  • How professional wrestling reflects society.

  • People’s perception of professional wrestling.

  • Professional wrestling as a metaphor for other situations.

  • A professional wrestler.

  • A professional wrestling match.

  • Injuries in professional wrestling.

  • Costumes in professional wrestling.

  • Professional wrestling story lines.

  • Professional wrestling characters.

  • Something in the style of a professional wrestling interview.


Here is a poem that uses the idea of professional wrestling:
He trains three hours a day.

He knows seventy five different moves.

He’s on the road two hundred days a year.

He’s been in more than two thousand matches.

He’s been hit with chairs.

He’s been thrown through tables.

He’s fallen off of a steel cage.

His leg was broken.

His arm was broken.

He had surgery on both knees.

He had surgery on his elbow.

His back always hurts.

His vision is blurry in his left eye.

And people tell him

that what he does

isn’t real.