Experimental Poetry Form: Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Today’s experimental poetry form is called Halloween.  It is an acrostic poem of the word Halloween with additional attributes.

First, the lines that start with consonants rhyme and those that start with vowels rhyme.

Second, each line has nine syllables (as many as there are letters in Halloween).

Third, every other line is indented two spaces.

Here is what the form looks like:

H – R1, 9 syllables
  A – R2, 9 syllables
L – R1, 9 syllables
  L – R1, 9 syllables
O – R2, 9 syllables
  W – R1, 9 syllables
E – R2, 9 syllables
  E – R2, 9 syllables
N – R1, 9 syllables

Here is an example poem written in the form:


Halloween has arrived on this night,
  and upon the lanes the goblins roam,
like ghosts of smoke they stay out of sight,
  like apparitions they fear the light.
O’ their dark deeds could fill a large tome,
  with tales of dark fear and such great fright.
Everyone out should surely go home.
  Each goblin lurks as its mouth does foam.
None should be out till the sun shines bright.