Post Series: Advent: Poetry topic idea: snowmen

Today’s poetry topic idea is snowmen.  Snowmen are sometimes made by people during this time of year.  There are a number of ideas about snowmen that can be applied to poetry.

For example, snowmen might make a poet think about ideas of temporariness, transience, or mortality.  A snowman is a temporary thing.  At some point, it will melt away.  This idea can have significance.

Another idea that can come from snowmen, is the idea of fragility.  Although a snowman can look substantial, it is actually very fragile.  A small amount of force can damage it.  This notion of looking strong but being weak can be applied to other things.

As a third idea, snowmen could remind a poet of a sentry or a guard.  A snowman stays where it is put and appears to watch.  This notion of guarding could be applied to other things.

Here is an example poem using the idea of snowmen:

the child
made snowmen
in place of those
who would not be there
that Christmas