Poem with an explanation: the carburetor

the engine ran
the gas started to spray
a leak from somewhere
was causing this

things were examined
and cleaned through
and it seemed as though
it was the carburetor

at first
a gasket was changed
for this seemed logical
and was cheap and easy

the gas knob was turned
and slowly it dripped
from the carburetor

a search was made
for one that matched
from a model number
and more details

one was found
and with free shipping
it arrived
the next day

it wasn’t as easy
as the video showed
but a change was made
of the vital part

with a slight hush
the knob was turned
no gas dripped
nothing seemed wrong

the engine was run
for only a moment
it all looked right
but the smell was off

was it fixed?
was the question
it seemed all right
but who knew

the next storm
would tell


This poem is about an organ transplant.  It uses the metaphor of changing a carburetor on a generator engine to describe the ideas.

The first stanza describes the start of the problem.  A person experiences symptoms while they are doing something.  They realize it is serious and that there is a problem.

The second stanza describes the diagnosis.  In this case, a particular organ had a problem.

In the third stanza, something short of a transplant was tried.  This is described as the gasket was changed on the part instead of the part.

In the fourth stanza, a test was done after the procedure, but the problem remained.

In the fifth stanza, a search for an organ match was made.  It was difficult.

In the sixth stanza, the organ arrives.

In the seventh stanza, the recipient of the organ had seen a video of the surgery for the transplant.  They find out that the actual experience was much different than the video portrayed.

In the eighth stanza, tests are done on the person and they seem all right.

In the ninth stanza, the person recovers.  They seem all right but they feel different.

In the tenth stanza, the person questions if they are really better.

In the eleventh stanza, the person thinks that they will know if they are better the next time they experience something that tries them physically.

The idea of this poem was to use a mechanical thing as a metaphor for a physical thing in a person.

Poem with an explanation: another week begins

There was something you required,
and that,
that was given.

But you,
you did not keep,
your side of the bargain.

And now,
now you ask for more?

And now,
now you make the same claim?

it doesn’t seem right.

throwing good,
after bad,
just doesn’t seem wise.

But there’s,
there’s the writing.

But there’s,
there’s the voices.

But there’s,
there’s the logic.

Another week begins,
and something is required …

the first step is taken.


This poem is about a person who is unsuccessfully trying to lose weight.  In the poem, they are arguing with the weight loss method they chose.

The person has tried a method to lose weight, in this case exercise, but when they weighed themselves, they didn’t lose weight.  Now they question the method, and the overall effort in general.

In the first stanza, the person says that they put in the effort.

In the second stanza, the person criticizes the weight loss method.  In their view, they did something, and so they expected something in return.  Since this did not happen, they feel cheated.

In the third stanza, the person is going to start a new week.  They are contemplating whether they should continue with their efforts.  They wonder this considering that their previous efforts did not work.

In the fourth stanza, the person questions their method.  They wonder how what did not work before is expected to work this time.

In the fifth stanza, the person doesn’t believe trying what they did before will work.

In the sixth stanza, they reiterate this idea.

In the seventh, eighth, and ninth stanzas, they think of evidence supporting them exercising.  They think of things they’ve read, what people have told them, and the logic of exercise.

In the tenth stanza, the week begins, and the person hesitates before exercising.

In the eleventh stanza, the person doesn’t see an alternative, and they exercise again.

The idea of this poem is to look at the path that trying to lose weight can take.  A person can try something, and have it not work, and wonder whether they should keep at it.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Vegetables and shrimp with oyster sauce served over rice

Vegetables and shrimp with oyster sauce served over rice

Above is a photograph of mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, and shrimp with oyster sauce served over rice.  It is food as art.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

There was supposed to be
for dinner
but someone said,
“Eat something else.”
Hmm …
What to do,
with the vegetables
and shrimp?

Poetry topic idea: thirst

Today’s poetry topic idea is thirst.  A poet could write about:

  • Being thirsty

  • Dehydration

  • An inadequate supply of clean water

  • The idea of being thirsty, with, for varying reasons, undrinkable liquid available

  • Quenching thirst

  • Drinking liquids

  • Thirst in survival situations

  • Thirst as a metaphor


Here is an example poem that uses the idea of thirst:

an empty glass
a pitcher nearby
a child wanting attention

Poetry topic idea: walking

Today’s poetry topic idea is walking.  A poet could write about:

  • Walking to get from one place to another.

  • Not being able to walk.

  • Pain while walking.

  • Walking for exercise.

  • Learning to walk.

  • Walking during work.

  • Walking dogs.


Here is an example poem using the idea walking:

walking in a circle
around the backyard
measuring a lap
seventy steps
at seven thousand
three hundred
there are twenty seven hundred
left to go
to reach ten thousand
each lap
at seventy steps
with twenty seven hundred to go
that means
doing the math
still doing the math
a little more
than thirty eight laps
all right
that’s far
just keep walking
just keep walking
thirty seven left
just keep walking
just keep walking