Poem: Help save the trees

It’s February,
you know what that means,

It’s that unfortunate time of year,
when people across the land,
feel a compulsion,
to lop the tops,
off their crepe myrtle trees.

Look around.

You should be seeing it.

after tree
with their tops cut off.



There is no reason for this.

It is wrong.


A full grown crepe myrtle tree
with flowers blooming
and its characteristic bark peeling
is a beautiful thing.

A crepe myrtle tree
with its top lopped off
is an objective of sadness and despair.

If you lop your trees,
ask yourself why.

Does it help the trees?

Does it look nice?

Do you do this to other trees you have?

Did you see your neighbors do it and so you did it too?

There is no good reason for this.


Whatever reason you might have,
it is misguided.

If you think the tree is too big,
and so you lop it to make it smaller,
why not transplant it once and for all,
and plant a smaller tree?

If you think lopping a tree,
means it makes more flowers,
ask yourself,
wouldn’t a full grown tree,
have more flowers,
than a lopped one?

If you have a crepe myrtle tree,
and you lop it,
it’s not too late to change.

You can change.

You can resolve to never lop again.

If you know someone,
who lops their trees,
ask them why they do it.
Start a conversation,
and help show them the right way.

if you believe,
lopping crepe myrtle trees,
is wrong,
tell your friends,
on social media,
and in person,
to change how they treat,
their crepe myrtle trees.

Show them pictures
of what full grown trees
can look like.

Get them to think
about their pruning practices.

It’s a small thing,
you can do,
to make the world,
a little better.