Poetry topic idea: isolation

Today’s poetry topic idea is isolation.  In the current situation, isolation is something many people are experiencing.  Because of this, it might be helpful to write poetry about it.  A poet could write about:

  • What it’s like to be isolated. What it’s like not to see other people.

  • Not being able to go out. This could be related to human interactions or not being able to go places or get things.

  • Boredom.

  • What it like to avoid people, for example when someone delivers something.

  • Worrying about running out of things because they can’t be purchased or ordered.

  • What will happen when isolation is over. A poet could write about the first things they want to do.

  • The purpose of isolation.


Here is an example poem using the idea of isolation:

it’s almost like
a movie with magic
where the heroes find
that they can defeat the monster
only by being apart