Poem: Hello little dog, how have you been?

Hello little dog,
how have you been?

What did you do today?

Did you bark?

Chase something?

Smell things?


Was it fun?

Was it interesting?

Would you like some more food?

How about a treat?

You say so little,
with your little puppy eyes
and your happy face,
but somehow
you don’t need to.

Milestone: Six Year Anniversary

Today is the six year anniversary of the first post on this blog.  Thank you to everyone who has read something on it.

Today there is an announcement.  Although a specific post count or date has not been determined, the plan is to end the blog in the relatively near future.  When a date is chosen, there will be a note on a post or a specific post about it.

Hopefully readers have learned something, been entertained, been inspired, or in some way gotten something from the blog.  Thank you again to everyone who has read something on it.

Here’s a short poem:

Thank you to everyone,
who has read what was here.

Poem: amazing

Think about this:

If a person curls
25 lbs.
with each arm
and they did 10 repetitions
for 3 sets
that’s 25 lbs. times 10 repetitions times 3 sets
that’s 750 lbs.

Think about that.

750 lbs.

That’s a lot.

Think about what 750 lbs. of something would look like.

Think about moving it.

In a sense,
they did the equivalent.

That sounds amazing,
doesn’t it.

Poem with an explanation: what’s the hurry?

walking outside
with someone
what’s the hurry?

In this poem, two people are walking outside.  They are walking quickly until one realizes that they have nowhere in particular to be.  They are walking simply for the sake of walking and have no destination other than to return to the place that they started from.  They have nothing in particular to do at that place, and so when they arrive is inconsequential.  When one of them realizes this they question why they are walking so fast.  The poem reflects on the idea of appreciating the moment rather than focusing on the next one.