Poem with an explanation: standing outside

standing outside
checking the time again
waiting two more minutes
and then a call
there’s probably a reason


In this poem, a person thinks they may have been stood up for a date.

The person in the poem is standing outside the place where the date is to take place (standing outside).  Their date is late and they have checked the time multiple times while they have waited (checking the time again).  They set a threshold time to wait for before calling to see why their date isn’t there.  That time is two minutes away (waiting two more minutes).  They want to believe their date is not there for a reason other than they have been stood up (there’s probably a reason).


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Poetry topic idea: new

Today’s poetry topic idea is new.  A poet could write about the idea of new in different ways.

One way a poet could write about something new is to write about something that did not exist before.  This could be something like a new invention.

The idea of new could also refer to something that was not known before but existed.  This could be something like the discovery of a new species.

New could also refer to the idea of next.  This could be something like a new job.

New could also refer to the idea of different.  This could be something like driving a new way to a place.

The idea of new could stand alone (like with a new species) or it could relate to something previous (like a new job).

Here is an example poem using the idea of new:

the light of dawn
shines through the window
the day begins

Poetry topic idea: lists

Today’s poetry topic idea is lists.  A person can make lists of a number of different things.  Sometimes lists are mundane and sometimes lists are significant.  There can be meaning in a list and this can be something that can be expressed in poetry.

A poet could write a list as a poem.  They could think of a meaning to incorporate in the list.  For example, they could have a grocery shopping list for someone who was recently widowed.  They could write what the person might buy and show how the person altered their selections because of their situation.  They could have meaning in the different items on and not on the list and meaning in the title of the poem or in something within or after it.

Below is an example poem as a list.  Read it and see if you can understand the idea within it.

breakfast on the porch
go around the driveway
sit outside
work on puzzle
make a call
watch a show
have lunch
sit outside
read a book
watch a show
fold clothes
wash dishes
have a snack
go around the driveway
read a book
have dinner
watch a movie