Unter Commemoration July 29, 2020

Things don’t feel the same.

The porch is quiet.
Now only treats and food for one dog are brought to the porch.
There isn’t a sense of going to sit with you.
Your water bowl isn’t filled for you.
Outside, things are still.
There’s no brushing of you,
or cleaning your eyes,
or rubbing your ears.
Things are still.
Things are quiet.

Seeing a video of you
on the porch
eating treats
and one out in the yard
trying to get you
to bark a certain way.
There was happiness in seeing you,
but sadness that you are gone.

Things are quiet.
Things don’t feel the same.

Unter Commemoration July 28, 2020

Unter was a good dog.
He was calm.
He was kind.
He was happy.
Those sound like nice things to be.
Unter was a good dog.


Unter estuvo un perro bueno.
Él estuvo tranquilo.
Él estuvo amable.
Él estuvo contento.
Aquéllos parecen parecido agradable asuntos estar.
Unter estuvo un perro bueno.


Shadow and Unter

On Friday July 17, 2020 M. Sakran’s dog Unter died.  He was more than thirteen years old and was a very good dog.  He is loved and missed.

Above is a picture of him (on the right) with his friend Shadow.  It was taken some years ago.

As mentioned before, the last new blog post on this blog will be on August 20, 2020.  The posts until that day will be related to Unter the dog as a commemoration of him.

Here is a short poem:

goodbye Unter
you were a very good dog
the porch seems empty now