A milestone: The one year anniversary of MSakran.com

Today is the one year anniversary of the start of MSakran.com.  There are many things of interest on MSakran.com.  Some of these include:

  • Links to some items M. Sakran has had published. Many of these items are poems.
  • Currently, twenty two sets of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction. The photographs and artworks can inspire poetry and the poems can be read.
  • Some news about M. Sakran. Typical news items include things like: mentions of items pending publication, mentions of items published, anniversaries and other milestones, and notices of new sets of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction.
  • Information about M. Sakran’s collection of poetry, First Try.

Check out MSakran.com today.


A New Website: MSakran.com

Today, M. Sakran has launched a new website: MSakran.com.

This new website, is in addition to M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.

On MSakran.com, there will be a Photography, Artwork, Poetry, Fiction, and some other things.  The photography, artwork and fiction can inspire poetry, and there will be poems that can be read.

Go see MSakran.com today.