Poem Series: Dogs: After the day’s walk

After the day’s walk,
  sleeping in the cool sunshine,
  under the window.
The bright clouds after flying,
float motionless in the sky


This is the last poem of the dogs poem series.


Poem Series: Dogs: Do dogs have music?

Do dogs have music?
Do they understand beat?
Is there something in barks,
and squeaks,
that they put together?
Do they anticipate sound?
Is there something in the wind chime’s song,
in the songs of birds,
in the songs on the radio?
Do they hear the pattern of their steps?
Do they notice the jingle of their collars?
Inside their minds,
are they repeating the songs?
Do dogs have music?

Poem Series: Dogs: Why to walk

To smell the grass where paw-steps fall,
and see the sky that’s way out far,
and pass by trees that are so tall,
to smell the grass where paw-steps fall.
To hear the birds as they do call,
and see by light from a bright star,
to smell the grass where paw-steps fall,
and see the sky that’s way out far.


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Poem Series: Dogs: Steps along

Steps along,
a car passes,
steps along,
a puddle,
steps along,
a thrown pastry,
steps along,
the road.

Steps along,
similar houses,
steps along,
another car,
steps along,
nothing familiar,
steps along,
the road.

Steps along,
in the distance,
steps along,
a hope dissolves,
steps along,
eyes without tears,
steps along,
the road.

Steps along,
someone stops,
steps along,
not the one,
steps along,
a trepidation,
steps along,
the road.

Poem Series: Dogs

Up to this point, there have been six poem series on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  They were: Experimental Poetry Forms, The Sun, Tanka poems, Rondeaux poems, Weather, and Space.

Today will be the start of a new poem series.  The poem series will have poems related to dogs.

The series will consist of ten poems.  The poems will be posted in the next nine posts plus this post (for a total of ten), unless some event occurs to supersede the series, in which case the series will continue after the superseding.

Please enjoy the Dogs poem series.

Here is the first poem:

The eyes look away …

turn quietly,
and slip from the harness,

Ha, ha, silly human!