Poem: One day

In frustration,
and reluctance,
he helped the old man,
who could not walk.

Years did pass.

One day,
without really noticing,
his knee,
began to hurt.


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Poem: tears of regret

There’s a moment,
where you think someone may die,
and as you sit by their bed,
holding their hand,
you are filled with regret.

You regret the time,
you didn’t spend with them.

You regret the anger,
that you showed them.

You regret all the meaningless things,
that you put before them.

In that moment,
as you watch them breathe,
and pray that it will not stop,
the days and years pass by in your mind,
and all those moments that should not have been,
are reminded to you.

You say kind words,
and express your love,
and say from within your depth,
that you are sorry.

In this moment,
whatever happens,
learn from this.

Learn from the regret,
learn from the sorrow,
learn from all that you believe you lost.

In time,
either good or bad,
the time will pass,
and when it does,
do not forget.

Do not forget,
the feelings you had.

Do not forget,
the sorrow you felt.

Do not forget,
your regret.

Do not,
let things,
become normal again.

Do not,
let things,
be as they were.

Although the effort may strain,
and the logic may strain,
and the petty things may strain,
do not forget.

The day will come,
when you sit by a bed,
and hold a hand,
and all those words,
and all those logics,
of why you should not have changed,
will shatter like glass.

Don’t let that happen.

Don’t be in that place.

Learn from the tears,
and go a new path,
so that by the bed,
in the future,
while there may be tears of sorrow,
there will not be,
tears of regret.

Poem Series: Time: the time is over

The time started,
the time passed,
the time is over.

You can look back,
and see what was.

You can look here,
and see what is.

You can’t look forward though,
because it hasn’t happened.

The time was spent,
and words of time were written,
the time was spent,
and words of time were read.

The time started,
with some direction,
but if the journey led,
to any particular place,
is something that can be known,
only after some time.

Thank you,
for your time.

Poem Series: Time: As time goes

As time goes,
there’s an understanding,
that despite the appearance,
little changes,
as time goes.

As time goes,
having seen more time,
there’s a clarity,
that time repeats,
as time goes.

As time goes,
little impresses,
for though ‘everything changes’,
it doesn’t really,
as time goes.

As time goes,
there’s a realization,
that time goes,
despite the path,
as time goes.

Poem Series: Time: First Try anniversary

Four years ago,
M. Sakran’s collection of poetry,
First Try,
was published.

M. Sakran,
would like to take this time,
to thank all,
who have purchased a copy.

you haven’t purchased a copy,
this anniversary,
would be a good time.

you have the time,
you can read,
the first six poems,
of the book,
on this blog,
(scroll past,
the first post,
on that page,
to read,
the poems).

Thank you,
for your time.