Poem: return

To return,
after flying to the moon,
and seeing the stars,
it’s a little bit much,
just the thought,
of seeing the Earth grow larger,
and sensing familiarity,
and calm,
it’s peacefully unexplainable.

Poem: a journey

Lost somewhere,
what time is it?

It’s been a long day,
and it’s only started.

There’s a sense,
to count the hours,
but after a while,
the watch went in the bag.

There’s so much ahead,
miles and minutes (hours),
there’s so much ahead,
until the rest.

Poem: construction worker

by the side of the house,
the shirt soaked through with sweat,
fiberglass insulation pricking the skin,
a smear of mud on the face,
sawdust in the hair,
cuts on the hands,
burst open blisters,
dirt under the fingernails,
dirt stains on the pants,
something in the eyes,
the sun blazing,
coughing from the dust,
with swollen feet,
from seven am,
until past seven.