Poem: shouting

for others,
to be quiet


Poem: he wondered why

He did see her,
when he came by,
and thought that she,
did see him too.

One day he asked,
if she might like,
to spend a day,
about with him.

She thought and said,
that that was fine,
and she would like,
such an idea.

But when he left,
her friends did say,
“No, not with him,
he is a dud.”

She thought and felt,
that what they thought,
did mean so much,
to who she was.

She said to them,
she did not think,
and she would not,
go out with him.

The next day came,
and he came by,
and she went off,
and hid away.

Two days did pass,
and he did show,
to ask about,
the day agreed.

But like before,
she hid away,
and he stood there,
right there alone.

But with much hope,
he did come by,
upon the day,
that was agreed.

He stood with hope,
and flowers too,
and waited there,
for her to be.

But she was off,
with all of them,
who said that he,
was such a dud.

And they did laugh,
aloud with glee,
but in her heart,
she knew his pain.

And there he stood,
as time did pass,
until the truth,
did fill his mind.

He knew inside,
like times before,
that what he saw,
was a mirage.

He walked away,
and wondered why,
she did not pause,
before her words.

He walked away,
and wondered why,
she did not speak,
the truth to him.

It seemed to him,
it would have been,
a better scene,
had she said no.

It seemed to him,
it would have been,
a better scene,
had she spoke truth.

He walked away,
and wondered why,
he spoke those words,
those days ago.

Poem: A Riddle

Here’s a riddle,
written as a poem,
for you to solve:


It can fit between your fingers,
but it’s one of the biggest things you’ve seen.

It’s one of many,
but it’s the one.

It appears and disappears,
but really doesn’t.


(The answer will be in tomorrow’s post.)

Poem: unfulfilled goals

The goals,
from a decade ago,
the goals,
from a year ago,
are still the goals,
of today.

In the distance,
is something that shimmers,
an oasis,
but a mirage.

No one said,
that the world would spin the other way,
and that all the steps,
would lead nowhere.

There are days,
when it seems that everything should change,
so that something could change.

There are days,
when out in the ocean,
the wind is still,
and all around,
is water.