Poetry topic idea: thirst

Today’s poetry topic idea is thirst.  A poet could write about:

  • Being thirsty

  • Dehydration

  • An inadequate supply of clean water

  • The idea of being thirsty, with, for varying reasons, undrinkable liquid available

  • Quenching thirst

  • Drinking liquids

  • Thirst in survival situations

  • Thirst as a metaphor


Here is an example poem that uses the idea of thirst:

an empty glass
a pitcher nearby
a child wanting attention

Poetry topic idea: walking

Today’s poetry topic idea is walking.  A poet could write about:

  • Walking to get from one place to another.

  • Not being able to walk.

  • Pain while walking.

  • Walking for exercise.

  • Learning to walk.

  • Walking during work.

  • Walking dogs.


Here is an example poem using the idea walking:

walking in a circle
around the backyard
measuring a lap
seventy steps
at seven thousand
three hundred
there are twenty seven hundred
left to go
to reach ten thousand
each lap
at seventy steps
with twenty seven hundred to go
that means
doing the math
still doing the math
a little more
than thirty eight laps
all right
that’s far
just keep walking
just keep walking
thirty seven left
just keep walking
just keep walking

Poetry topic idea: buying a used car

Today’s poetry topic idea is buying a used car.  A poet could write about:

  • The overall car buying experience.

  • Researching cars.

  • Car salespeople.

  • Lemon cars.

  • The difficulty in comparing used cars.

  • The time it takes to buy a used car.

  • The perception of used cars.

  • The perception of different kinds of cars.

  • What goes into the car buying decision.

Here is an example poem using the idea of buying a used car:

Apples and oranges
apples and oranges


Apples and oranges
apples and oranges

One is better
one is worse
one is different

How to compare?

Apples and oranges
apples and oranges

Poetry topic idea: paper

Today’s poetry topic idea is paper.  When writing about paper, a poet could write about things like: letters, origami, writing, drawing, paper airplanes, notes, lists, tearing paper, forms, books, wallpaper, toilet paper, and newspapers.

Here is an example poem using the idea of paper:

an old western
where a man scribbled a will
leaving his saddle and gear
to the man who found him
before he died
because there was
no one else

Post Series: Advent: Poetry topic idea: Advent

Today’s poetry topic idea is Advent.  This matches the theme of this post series.  A poet could write about a number of things related to Advent.  They could write about:

  • An observance of the time.

  • Anticipation of Christmas.

  • Special days during Advent.

  • Religious observance during Advent.

  • Preparations for Christmas during Advent.

Here is an example poem using the idea of Advent:

forty days each year
it’s an opportunity
don’t let it pass by

Post Series: Advent: Poetry topic idea: Christmas carols

Today’s poetry topic idea is Christmas carols.  Rather than writing about Christmas carols that already exist, you could write your own Christmas carol as a poem.

In writing a Christmas carol, you might consider taking into account form elements such as meter, rhyme, syllable count, alliteration, mirroring, and other ideas.  Sound in a Christmas carol is important and using these elements can help when trying to achieve the right sound.

When writing a Christmas carol as a poem, one thing that makes it different from a song, is that there is no inherent melody that is communicated to the reader.  There is no inherent way to sing the poem.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue though.  First, if the poem has the right sound, it might not need a melody.  Second, a melody could be applied and communicated to the reader if a poet wanted to.  Third, readers could apply their own melody to the poem.

When writing a Christmas carol as a poem, there are a number of ideas you could use.  You could write about:

  • The Nativity story. You could write about the whole story, parts of it, or different people in it.

  • Christmas Eve. You could focus on the time right before Christmas.

  • The twelve days of Christmas. Although there is already at least one Christmas carol that focuses on this time, you could focus on it from a different perspective.

  • Christmas morning. This is a time of celebration and focus and could be written about in a carol.

  • A poem about characters that focuses on ideas like hope, joy, or redemption.

  • Christmas traditions. This could cover a number of ideas such as Christmas trees, Christmas cookies, and presents.

  • A poem focusing on the sensory elements of celebrating Christmas (sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and how things feel).

Here is an example Christmas carol poem:

O’ dear friend,
do you see,
the bright and shiny,
Christmas tree?

Upon its bows,
the lights do glow,
so think of the star,
that you do know.

The canes of candy,
there hung with care,
remind of shepherds,
and how they did fare.

The little packages,
placed up so high,
are the like the gifts,
brought by Magi.

The many spheres,
that you do see,
are like the fruit,
of a special tree.

The tree itself,
should point the way,
to that one tree,
from that one day.

O’ dear friend,
do you see,
the bright and shiny,
Christmas tree?

Post Series: Advent: Poetry topic idea: snowmen

Today’s poetry topic idea is snowmen.  Snowmen are sometimes made by people during this time of year.  There are a number of ideas about snowmen that can be applied to poetry.

For example, snowmen might make a poet think about ideas of temporariness, transience, or mortality.  A snowman is a temporary thing.  At some point, it will melt away.  This idea can have significance.

Another idea that can come from snowmen, is the idea of fragility.  Although a snowman can look substantial, it is actually very fragile.  A small amount of force can damage it.  This notion of looking strong but being weak can be applied to other things.

As a third idea, snowmen could remind a poet of a sentry or a guard.  A snowman stays where it is put and appears to watch.  This notion of guarding could be applied to other things.

Here is an example poem using the idea of snowmen:

the child
made snowmen
in place of those
who would not be there
that Christmas

Post Series: Advent: Poetry topic idea: anticipation

Advent is a time of anticipation.  There is anticipation of Christmas.  Anticipation can make a good poetry topic idea.  A poet could write about anticipating something and the ideas and the emotions that go with it.

Here is an example poem:

wrapping a gift
wondering what
they’ll think of it


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Poetry topic idea: the death of a pet

Today’s poetry topic idea is the death of a pet.  After M. Sakran’s dog Shadow died, there was a commemoration on this blog.

When a pet dies, writing poetry about it can sometimes help.  It can be a way to deal with emotions and express things.  It can give a person something to do related to the death that feels like active mourning.

When a poet writes about the death of a pet, there are number of things they can write about.  A poet can write about:

  • The sadness they feel.

  • How the pet died.

  • Memories of the pet.

  • What the pet was like when it was alive.

  • What their life is like now that the pet is gone.

  • How they mourn for the pet.

  • How other people perceive their mourning for the pet.

  • How they feel more generally after the death of the pet.

  • How they are memorializing the pet.

Here is an example poem:

the calculator says,
it’s been three years,
six months,
two weeks,
and three days since you died.

it doesn’t feel like that long.
It feels like it was a month ago.

Your photo,
is still on the computer.

The little resin dog,
painted to look like you,
is there on the shelf.

your friend is squeaking now.
He probably wants a treat.
Hold on just a minute.

he got some treats.

although you are thought of,
it isn’t enough.

It seems,
like something more should be done,
like somehow,
it affects you.

At least,
there is this.

This is something.

You are missed,
you funny little dog.

Poetry topic idea: professional wrestling

Today’s poetry topic idea is professional wrestling.  A poet could write about:

  • The contrast between professional and amateur wrestling.

  • Themselves as a wrestling performer.

  • How professional wrestling reflects society.

  • People’s perception of professional wrestling.

  • Professional wrestling as a metaphor for other situations.

  • A professional wrestler.

  • A professional wrestling match.

  • Injuries in professional wrestling.

  • Costumes in professional wrestling.

  • Professional wrestling story lines.

  • Professional wrestling characters.

  • Something in the style of a professional wrestling interview.


Here is a poem that uses the idea of professional wrestling:
He trains three hours a day.

He knows seventy five different moves.

He’s on the road two hundred days a year.

He’s been in more than two thousand matches.

He’s been hit with chairs.

He’s been thrown through tables.

He’s fallen off of a steel cage.

His leg was broken.

His arm was broken.

He had surgery on both knees.

He had surgery on his elbow.

His back always hurts.

His vision is blurry in his left eye.

And people tell him

that what he does

isn’t real.