Publication: Artwork

M. Sakran has had an artwork published. The artwork can be seen in the publication here: As it relates to this blog, the artwork can inspire poetry.

P.S. The 50th posts idea will continue with Monday’s post.

A note and something about Shadow

Yesterday on the blog, there was supposed to be a post about a published artwork.  Under the circumstances, however, it was not there.  In between the dashed lines is what the body of yesterday’s post was to have said.


This past Friday, M. Sakran had an artwork published by former People.  The artwork can be seen here: artwork.  As it relates to this blog, this artwork can inspire poetry.


With Shadow’s death, it seems that there should be some focus on him on the blog.  The exact way that will happen hasn’t been decided exactly.  For now, here is a poem:

He had a life,
he was a good dog,

there’s a list of things,
more than a hundred long,
that could be said,

nothing here,
will be sufficient for him though,

there’s no way to say,
what should be said.

Shadow is loved,
and is missed.