Shadow: four-year anniversary

Today is the four-year anniversary of the death of the dog Shadow.  You can read posts from a commemoration of Shadow on this blog.

Shadow was a very good dog.  He was cute, smart, brave, fun, and always happy.  Here is a picture of him:



Since many readers may be home now, it would be good time to pay some extra attention to your dogs.  Clean their food and water bowls.  Clean their mats.  Order them a new toy.  Give them some nice food.  Groom them.  Play with them.  Spend time with them.

Dogs are generally nice and some are very nice, and they deserve an extra bit of attention.

In commemoration of the anniversary of Shadow’s death, here is a poem:

Your face
is right there
on the computer screen.

A smile
bright eyes
always happy.

It’s been four years.

It doesn’t feel like that long.

You had a nice life.
A good life.
One a dog would want.

You had a friend
and people
and care.

You were a good dog.

There are so many stories.

Things you did.

How you were.

It’s been four years.

It doesn’t feel like that long.

Shadow: three year anniversary


Today is the three year anniversary of the death of M. Sakran’s dog Shadow.  Shadow was a good dog.  He was very cute and playful and was smart.  There was a commemoration on this blog after he died.

To mark the anniversary, here is a poem:

three years
is a long time
but in some way
it doesn’t feel that long ago

there’s a list of memories
that could fill too much here
but some things sadly
have faded away

your photograph
is there each day
but what did you sound like
when you barked?

your friend misses you
your friends miss you
you were a good dog
a very good dog

the backyard still feels empty

thanks for being here Shadow


Shadow Commemoration Day Forty

This is the last post in the commemoration of Shadow.  There have been twenty six posts counting this one in the forty day commemoration.

Shadow was a good dog and is loved and missed.  Hopefully this commemoration has helped honor him and has helped readers relate to him.

Below is a poem about Shadow.

Tomorrow, posts will go back to the way they had been.


A small,
joyful creature,
with happy eyes,
and a smile,
with gleeful romps,
and cheerful play,
he’s missed,
and loved

Shadow Commemoration Day Thirty Nine

How can there be a summary?

How can there be a commemoration?

How can all of it be expressed?

can’t illustrate the picture,
can’t illustrate the video,
can’t illustrate the memory,
can’t illustrate the life.

How, can how he moved, be described?

How, can how he sounded, be described?

How, can how he lived, be described?

In all of this,
there is an insufficiency.


P.S. M. Sakran has recently had an artwork accepted for publication.

Shadow Commemoration Day Twenty Nine

A border collie,
mixed with a chow –

playful and cute,
and a fluff ball.

In the spring,
in the tall green grass,
melting into it,
and seeming so small.

Those knots of hair,
behind the ears,
on the belly,
and on the tail.

The face that was black,
that slowly turned gray,
that seemed,
to quickly turn white.

Orange and brown eyes,
glowing in the darkness,
glowing in the light.

A little shadow.