A milestone: 50th of certain types of posts

Counting today’s post, there have been 536 posts on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  Although there have been many types of posts, a little over half have been one of six types:


Poems with explanations

Artwork to inspire poetry

Poetry topic ideas

Experimental poetry forms

Photographs for inspiration

If M. Sakran’s count is right, there have been 49 of each of these posts.  That number does not include posts that were part of post series, poem series, or other types of posts that may have had one or more of those types of things in them (For example, a milestone post with a poem, is not counted in the 49 number).  That means a milestone is about to occur: the 50th of each of those types of posts.

This seems to be something worth noting and celebrating.  Therefore, the next six posts (unless something comes up) will each be one of the 50th types of posts and will somehow be related to that idea.

Enjoy the posts.