Experimental Poetry Form: four columns

Today’s experimental poetry form is called four columns.  It is the same basic notion as yesterday’s experimental poetry form, but instead of three columns, this form has four.  In the form, there are four columns, each with ten lines.  Each column has approximately the same width.  Here is an example poem to illustrate the form:

The man stood
upon the land
looking out
to mountains
and thought that
in their height
and all their size
he saw himself
as there he stood
upon the soil.
The man stood
breathed inside
and felt the air
from all around.
In the moment
what he breathed
he thought inside
was timeless
as in it went
and out again.
The man stood
watching the fire
as all the flames
upon the wood
danced about
and mesmerized
as the smoke
in wisps
drifted away
to the sky.
The man stood
within the sea
and felt the waves
move around
his legs and waist
as he stood
and looked out
before they ended
with a crash
upon the shore.


This poem is about the four elements and pride.  The first column is about earth, the second air, the third fire, and the fourth water.  This notion fits with the four column design.

In each column, the man sees something or himself as great and does not realize his lowness.

Poetry topic idea: air

Today’s poetry topic idea is air.  Some things a poet could write about include:

  • The idea that air is unseen and around us. This idea could be used to represent different ideas in poetry.  For example, a poet might use the idea as a metaphor for the feelings a group of people have.

  • The constituents of air. Air is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, and other things.  A poet could relate these components to different aspects of life.  For example, a poet could describe a group of people that could be fit into different groups using the constituents of air as a metaphor.

  • Air pollution. A poet could write about air pollution directly, or they could use it as a metaphor for something that is a byproduct of something else, but that causes harm.

  • The need for air. People need air to live.  A poet could write about this directly or they could use it symbolically for something a person needs or something that a person feels very bad not having.

  • Flying through the air. A poet could write about the idea of what it would be like to fly.

  • The idea that air is taken for granted. Air is one of those things that isn’t noticed unless something is wrong with it or it isn’t there.  This idea could be used symbolically for other things.

Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Five sets of two: The air was cool

There was a change today,
   outside under the pale blue sky,
as green grass blades seemed like a sea of calm,
  the air was cool.
  This was different some months ago,
as in the heat the memory did sound –
  the air was cool.
Though now a voice did say,
   those words said then in remembrance,
  in the breeze as cool air did flow.


(31/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Five sets of two


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Bilingual Poem: Air filter

air filter won’t close,
twenty two minutes later –
clogged with frustration

filtro de aire no cerra,
veinte y dos minutos después –
atascé con frustración


As a note, as mentioned with the first bilingual poem on this blog, M. Sakran is not bilingual.  Therefore, it is possible that some mistakes are made in translating the English poems into Spanish.  Please forgive any mistakes that are made.