Considerations: The first consideration: The end

As readers know, the first consideration time period ended this past Saturday.  The idea of the time period, was that readers could each send a poem to M. Sakran for consideration, and if M. Sakran liked one, and other things were alright, then the poem would have been published on this blog.

Unfortunately, no one sent in a poem.


M. Sakran is a little saddened by this. The main idea of accepting poems for consideration was to do something for readers. The idea was to give them an opportunity to have something published and to have more engagement with the blog than just reading things.

Obviously, something about the idea didn’t appeal to readers.  M. Sakran apologizes for this.  The whole idea was to do something readers would like, and that wasn’t done.

There are probably lots of different reasons that readers didn’t send poems in.  Maybe the instructions were too long.  Maybe it seemed too complicated.  Maybe readers didn’t like the idea of writing poems based off of things in blog posts.  Maybe getting published on this blog just wasn’t appealing.  It could have been lots of things.  M. Sakran apologizes for whatever it was.

Whatever it was about the idea that didn’t appeal to readers, hopefully the rest of the blog was and is still enjoyed.

Since this idea obviously was not something readers liked, at least for the foreseeable future it won’t be done again.  This may change at some point if things can be improved.  For now, the Considerations page has been removed.

In closing, M. Sakran would like to thank all readers generally for reading this blog as well as thank any who at least considered the idea of sending a poem in.  Hopefully if this is ever done again, things will be better.