Artwork to inspire poetry: Purple colored mushroom

Purple colored mushroom

Above is an artwork of a purple colored mushroom.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

All right
found the purple mushroom
now to take it to the wizard
who will make the potion
that the inn keeper wanted
to get the key
to the house in the village
to find the tunnel
to the cave
where the fairy said
there was a magic sword
which is needed
to fight the dragon
to rescue the princess.

Why is this video game
so complicated?

Artwork to inspire poetry: Vegetables and shrimp with oyster sauce served over rice

Vegetables and shrimp with oyster sauce served over rice

Above is a photograph of mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, and shrimp with oyster sauce served over rice.  It is food as art.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

There was supposed to be
for dinner
but someone said,
“Eat something else.”
Hmm …
What to do,
with the vegetables
and shrimp?

Artwork to inspire poetry: Shelter


The above artwork is of a shelter.  The representation consists of two posts with a crossbeam that is tied with grass.  On the crossbeam, wood is laid.  On top of the wood are large leaves.  On top of the leaves are more wood.  It represents a shelter a person might make if they were lost in the woods.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet might write about, for example, the situation that led to a person having to make such a shelter.

Here is an example poem using the artwork:

all the time
he kept wondering
if civilization
were just over
the next hill

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Post Series: Advent: two pomegranates

two pomegranate

Above is an artwork of two pomegranates.  It is a photograph that was cropped, made black and white, and altered some.

The artwork shows two different sized pomegranates.  One is large and one is small.  This idea can be related to Christmas gifts and their perceived value.

Some gifts are perceived to have a large value, and other gifts a small value.  This perception can affect the person giving the gift and the person receiving the gift.

A poet could write about the contrast between gifts with a high perceived value and those with a low perceived value.  They could write about how the perception is created, how the gifts are given, how they are received, and if the perception is correct and what that means.

Here is an example poem:

in the house full of food
a fruitcake was delivered
and received
with the reception
that might be expected

in a moment
of thoughtless re-gifting
the fruitcake was brought
to one whose hunger was hidden
and it was received
with silent joy