Artwork to inspire poetry: loquat fruit

loquat fruit

Above is a cropped photograph of loquat fruit.  It is an artwork because the fruit were put in something (as opposed, for example, to being on the tree) and because the photograph was cropped.

The artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

during the night
they came
birds and insects
eating the fruit
of the loquat tree

the person came out
the next morning
and saw some fruit missing
some half eaten
and some damaged

and they smiled
as this was their intention
when planting the tree

Artwork to inspire poetry: Abstract art

Abstract art

The above artwork is abstract art.  It isn’t of anything in particular.  It is a mixture of three colors: orange, yellow, and green.  It isn’t completely random as there was an attempt to fill in all the white space, to have colors in lines around the border, and to use each color in a close to even way.

Since the artwork is abstract, a poet could see many things in it and interpret it in many ways.  A poet might find emotions and ideas in it or see shapes of things in it.  In general, a poet could see what they wanted to in the artwork.

Below is an example poem that uses the artwork and the idea of happy confusion.  This idea comes from the notion that while the colors are in a confusing pattern, they are bright and the pattern isn’t harsh.  Here is the example poem:

a food delivery
to the food bank

so much food
so many kinds
how will it all be sorted?

many will have food

Artwork to inspire poetry: Produce


Above is an artwork titled produce.  It consists of a potato, a kiwi, a tomato, a zucchini, three apples, a pear, a mushroom, a bell pepper, and a squash.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

the grocery deliver person came
the door was closed until they left
everything was washed outside
then washed inside again
such is
how things are

Artwork to inspire poetry: Gala apple

Gala apple

Above is an artwork of a Gala apple.  It was made by computer altering a photograph of an apple.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

an apple before
didn’t seem to have much value
but now
when you can’t find someone to deliver them
and you’re too concerned to go to the store
the little fruit
seems to have more worth

Artwork to inspire poetry: ten circles

ten circles

Above is an artwork of ten circles.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

water marks
can tell a story
not of carelessness
or not using a coaster
but of people
and memories
and time that has passed

you might be able to remove them
with a towel
and an iron on low heat

would you really want to?

Artwork to inspire poetry: smoked pork ribs

smoked pork ribs

Above is a photograph of smoked pork ribs.  It is food as art.  It can inspire poetry.  (As a note, on December 27, 2017, the poetry topic idea: ribs was posted about.  Check that post for ideas about writing about ribs.)

it took a lot of time
and effort

there was wood
and water
and fire

the temperature
was too low

other times
too high

the water ran out

and there was a flare up

but sometimes
in cooking
there is more worth
than the food
you eat

Artwork to inspire poetry: Purple colored mushroom

Purple colored mushroom

Above is an artwork of a purple colored mushroom.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

All right
found the purple mushroom
now to take it to the wizard
who will make the potion
that the inn keeper wanted
to get the key
to the house in the village
to find the tunnel
to the cave
where the fairy said
there was a magic sword
which is needed
to fight the dragon
to rescue the princess.

Why is this video game
so complicated?