Artwork to inspire poetry: banana slices

banana slices

This is an artwork of three banana slices stacked together.  It was done with a gray colored pencil, then scanned, and then computer altered.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • The idea of achievement. These banana slices are not stacked straight up.  One rests against another, and another rests against both.  It is almost as if the banana slices were meant to be stacked straight up, but for some reason this was not done.  A poet could see this and use it as inspiration regarding the idea of not quite achieving something.

  • The idea of nonconformity. Again, these banana slices could have been stacked straight up, but were not.  A poet could see this as a metaphor.

  • The idea of haphazardness. These banana slices are stacked in a jumbled, haphazard manner, and a poet could see this and apply the idea to a situation in life.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Seeded half of a Roma tomato

Seeded half of a Roma tomato

This artwork is of a seeded half of a Roma tomato.  It was done in colored pencil and then scanned.  There was a little bit of computer alteration to correct a spot.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  Here are some ideas:

  • A poet might think of food and thinking of using the tomato in recipes or stuffing it. A poet could write about that.

  • A poet might write about infertility.

  • A poet might see this tomato as being prepared and might write about preparation.

  • A poet might think the seeded tomato reminds them of a boat and write about boats.

Artwork to inspire poetry: yet another apple artwork

yet another apple artwork

The artwork above is yet another apple artwork.  There have been some number of apple artworks on the blog before, and well, this is yet another one.  Apples are nice fruit, and are good practice for drawing.  Additionally, they can inspire poetry ideas.

This particular apple artwork was made using colored pencils.  The colored pencils were blended using cotton swabs and then rubbing alcohol.  The rubbing alcohol is what gives the somewhat foggy, blurry affect.  This particular artwork went through some number of iterations.  Although it isn’t certain, it is likely that this artwork was not computer altered.  It is likely that it was just scanned.

A poetry inspiration that could come from this artwork is the idea of transition and blending of colors.  In the artwork, the colors transition and blend.  There is a pink type color on the bottom.  This transitions to a reddish color toward the top.  This then is transitioned and blended with an orange color.  In other places, the colors transition to a green color.

One obvious use of this idea would be to write poems about fall.  Fall is approaching, in the northern hemisphere, and fall can often involve a transition of colors.  Leaves change colors, as is obvious, but other things change colors too.

The colors people wear can change in the fall.  The way people decorate their homes can change.  The types of produce, and therefore the colors of what is seen, can change at grocery stores.  Types of animals in areas, and therefore the colors of the animals seen, can change in areas.  In these situations, colors transition and in some cases blend together.  There are other ideas as well.

In writing a poem about the transition and blending of colors, a poet could be literal, metaphorical or blend the two.  A poet could use the idea to talk about other things.

Artwork to inspire poetry: love bugs

Love bugs

This artwork is of love bugs.  These bugs might also be called by other names.  At times, the bugs fly about attached to each other, hence their name.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Love, relationships and assorted ideas.

  • The idea of attachment.

  • Pairs.

  • Jealousy.

  • Letting go.

Here is a poem inspired by this artwork:

Holding hands,
in the park,
their first date

P. S. On, there is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction. The photograph is of a water lily, the artwork is of mandarin orange wedge, the poetry is about sunset on a lake, and the fiction is a short story about two women going to swim at a lake.  All of the items can inspire poetry.  Take a look at them, and let M. Sakran know what you think by using the form on the Contact page.

Artwork to inspire poetry: abstract colored leaf

Abstract Colored Leaf

This artwork is of an abstract colored leaf.  Generally, the stem of the leaf is purple, the top of the leaf is blue, and the bottom of the leaf is orange.

The artwork was based off of a photograph of a leaf.  A general outline was drawn, the bottom was colored two shades of orange, the stem was colored purple, and the top was colored two shades of blue.  The drawing was scanned and then computer altered.

The idea was to create an artwork with some realism, but more color.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

blue leaves,
rise in the spring,
no one wonders

Artwork to inspire poetry: lime


This artwork is of a lime.  It started out as a colored pencil drawing, which was then scanned and computer altered.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

Do you ever wonder about the scar?
Do you ever ask?
Would that be weird?

there’s a story,
maybe profound,
maybe traumatic,
maybe mundane.

In the healing,
there is a history,
not just of it,
but of the million,
infinite things,
that came before.

Asking or not,
there is the other perspective,
of the one with the scar,
who feels the eyes that look,
and those that look away,
and those that try to look,
like they are not looking.

They hear the question,
they feel it upon them,
as their mind runs through,
all the options.

The next time you see,
get to the point,
where you no longer wonder.