Announcement: the last new blog post on this blog

This is the 1600th blog post on this blog.  It is also the last new blog post on this blog.  The About page and the Posts List page should be updated, and some other things might be updated, but this is the last new blog post.

The idea that the last new blog post would be post one thousand six hundred was mentioned in the post from June 29, 2020.  The idea that the blog would be ending was mentioned in the post for the six year anniversary of the blog.

The first post on this blog was posted on April 24, 2014.  It was titled Welcome.  It was posted more than six years ago.  It feels so long ago.

It feels strange to be ending the blog.  After so many posts, it feels odd not to be having anymore.  Some time after the blog was started, posts were posted almost every weekday.  It seems like it will be strange not to have that.  It was a part of most days, and it feels strange that it won’t be.

It’s hard to know what this blog has meant.  Hopefully it has meant something to some readers out there.  Hopefully some thought, laughed, learned something, or were entertained.  Hopefully some liked it.

As said, this is the last new blog post on the blog.  The intention is to keep the blog up for a short time going forward, but then to take it down.  While it is still up please take the time to look at posts.  You can find a list with links to posts on the Posts List page.  The link for this post should be added today.

On the About page, there are links to some of the categories on the blog, and you might look at some posts through those links.

Also, you might take some time to look at the Photographs and Artwork page.  You might like some of what is there.

Thank you to everyone who has read something on this blog.  Hopefully the blog has meant something to some readers.

There is some thought at trying to say something with depth here.  As this is the last new blog post on the blog, and there have been so many posts over such a long time, it seems like it would be fitting.  It seems like the last post should have something with depth.  Depth can be difficult though.  Sometimes trying to have depth doesn’t work out.  Sometimes it just doesn’t come through.

Here is a sentiment written as a poem:

Hopefully this blog
has meant something to some.

Thank you to all readers.

Milestone: 1400th post

This is the 1400th blog post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.



1400 posts is a lot of posts.  It has been 2021 days since the first post on April 24, 2014.  That is a long time.

M. Sakran hopes everyone has enjoyed the blog. Hopefully readers have been entertained and also learned something from it.

If you like the blog, please tell your friends about it on social media and on your own blogs.  You can also follow the blog (there is a button in the sidebar you can click).

If you like, you can send M. Sakran a comment saying what you think about the blog.

If you go to the about page, you can find links to categories on the blog.  You can also find posts on the post lists page.

Also, please check out M. Sakran’s eBook, Understanding: poems with explanations.

Thank you to all readers.  The blog has been fun, a medium of expression, a learning tool, and more.  Hopefully all readers have gotten as much out of it as M. Sakran has.

Thank you everyone.

Here’s a poem to commemorate the day:

can sort of be like,
a maamoul cookie.


maamoul cookies,
are really hard to make,
if you’ve never done it.

1400 or so,
it probably gets easier.

maamoul cookies,
have a surprise inside

There’s the outer cookie part,
and then the sweet date part inside.

A blog can be like that.

The first posts you find,
might informative,
or educational.

If you did a little deeper though,
you can find posts that are,
and inspirational,
on all sorts of different blogs.

maamoul cookies,
are great to share.

doesn’t like,
maamoul cookies?

can be like that.

You can share your blog,
with so many people,
and you can share blogs you like,
with your friends.

maamoul cookies,
go great with tea.

Of course,
you can have a sip,
while you read (or write as is happing now),
a blog.

can be like,
a maamoul cookie.

Take a break,
have a bite,
and enjoy.

Milestone: 1300th post

This is the 1300th post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.

Please send M. Sakran celebratory thoughts using the box below:

Here’s a poem:

Hey post,
what took you so long?

It’s taken,
like five years
(and 1 month, 3 weeks, and 4 days),
for you to get here.

you should learn to be more punctual.