A photograph to inspire poetry: lemon blossoms

Lemon Blossoms

Above is a photograph of lemon blossoms.  It can inspire poetry.  Below are some ideas.  A poet could write about:

  • Potential. These blossoms have the potential to be open flowers and then have the potential to be fruit.  A poet could write about the potential a person has.

  • Purple, white and green. The colors of the blossoms are purple and white and the leaves are green.  A poet could use these colors in a poem.

  • General nature and flowers. A poet could write plants and flowers and other elements of nature that are inspired by this photograph.

  • Closed. These blossoms are closed.  A poet could write about things that are closed.  They could write about a store, a room, a park or any number of things.

Here is a poem inspired by the photograph:

Arranged in rows,
purple baskets,
with white ribbons,
getting ready,
for the day.

Post Series: The Orange Series: Experimental Poetry Form: Orange

This experimental poetry form is inspired by orange.  It has:

  • Six lines – as many as the letters in orange
  • The meter is trochaic hexameter – trochaic because the word orange is trochaic and hexameter because there are six letters in orange.
  • The rhyming pattern is ABABBA – this matches the vowel/consonant pattern in orange

Here is an example poem using this form:

Orange blossoms

Orange blossoms brighten wooden trellis borders,
many growing outward; shining as if bright lights,
randomly placed as if having no clear orders,
and like dragonfly bands in short random quick flights,
seeming to shine in the sunlight as if like kites,
like the bright things gathered by birds that are hoarders.