Poem with an explanation: 3 slices of bread

3 slices of bread
eyes close

steak with seasoning forming a crust
potatoes fried and crispy
peas and carrots with butter
apple pie


In this poem a person is hungry and poor.  All they have to eat is three slices of bread.  In their condition, they close their eyes and imagine the bread to be a dinner of steak, potatoes, peas and carrots, apple pie, and coffee.  The poem generally is about a person in a current condition imagining themselves in a better condition.

Experimental Poetry Form: fifty characters

Today’s experimental poetry form is called fifty characters.  The form requirement is simple: the poem (excluding the title) must have fifty characters.  Characters are letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks, returns, and other things that make up text.  The number of characters can be counted by hand, or by using a word processing software.  Other than this requirement, the poet is free to add elements to the form in any way they wish.

Here is an example poem:


brown sugar
whole wheat flour

Artwork to inspire poetry: bread


This artwork is of bread.  It is whole wheat.  Before it was baked, it was made like a chain that made a circle.  A circle of dough was formed, then a length of dough was put through it and made into a circle, and this was repeated until there was one length left.  With the last length, the circle was completed.

This bread went through a process of individual parts and connections of parts.  The wheat plants were individual.  In the bag of flour the wheat was mixed.  When the dough ball was formed, the wheat was connected.  The wheat was then separated as lengths were formed.  The lengths were connected in a chain.  The chain became more connected as it baked.

This idea of individual parts and connections could be used in poetry.  There are many examples of this from machinery to relationships.  There are many instances where there is a flow of connection and separation.  Poems could be written using this idea as a basis.