Post Series: The Tea Series: Poetry topic idea: Brewing Tea

Tea generally can lead to many poetry topic ideas.  There are many poems that can involve tea, or ideas generated from tea.  For The Tea Series poetry topic idea, rather than focusing broadly on tea, a specific tea related area can be looked at: brewing.

In the case of tea, brewing can refer to the tea leaves steeping in heated water.  From a poetry topic idea perspective, this can inspire a number of ideas that can be used in poems, in addition to examining brewing tea from a literal perspective.  For example:

  • Change over time. As the liquid changes over time with the brewing of the tea, many other things change over time under some type of condition.  The idea of something changing over time because of what it is experiencing, can be the basis for a poem.
  • Brewing tea takes some amount of patience.  There is a waiting period between adding the water to the tea and being able to drink the tea.  Patience, and situations that involve it, could be poetry topics.
  • Often brewing tea involves some formality, for example when tea is brewed using a certain measure of leaves, in a certain type of pot and served with a certain service.  Focusing on the formality involved in certain situations, can help to lead to poetry.

These ideas, as well as others, can be poetry topics that derive from thinking about tea brewing.  As mentioned, tea generally can lead to many poetry topic ideas.