A photograph to inspire poetry: single red leaf

single red leaf

Above is a photograph of a single red leaf.  It is on a vine that is on an oak tree.  Although the image is bright, it has a somewhat darker idea underneath.

The leaf is red, not because red is bright nice color, but rather because the leaf is dying in the winter.  The vine is losing it leaves.

Additionally, the vine is using the oak tree.  Although the vine benefits from the structure of the tree, it is to the detriment of the tree.

This idea, of something that seems bright in meaning having a darker underside, can inspire poetry.  Here is an example poem:

getting ready
for the party
he put on
his knight costume
little did he know
everyone else
though not all in on the joke
would be dressed normally

Shadow Commemoration

With Shadow’s passing, it seems that there should be some focus on him on the blog as mentioned in yesterday’s post.

With this in mind, Shadow will be commemorated on this blog for a period of forty days.  For the counting of the forty days, day one, was the date of Shadow’s death, April 8, 2016, and the fortieth day will be May 17, 2016.  (The post on April 8, was about Shadow, but, at the time of the post, there was not an expectation of what would occur.  It is not part of this commemoration.  In a similar situation, the post from April 6 was also about Shadow.  It too, however, is not part of this commemoration.)

During these forty days, blog posts here will focus, in some way, on Shadow.  There have already been two blog posts since the 8th where he was mentioned.

The blog posts will be Shadow focused, with the possible exception of notes that may be made, such as the one in yesterday’s post.  Still, in those posts, the focus will be on Shadow.

Generally, there should be one blog post per weekday during the forty days.  If there will be a weekday without a post, it should be noted in advance.

Because of the focus of this blog, all of the Shadow posts will in some way be poetry related, however, the traditional categories of things like poems, poems with explanation, bilingual poems, etc., may not be used formally.

Shadow was a good dog.  He deserves at least this small commemoration.

For today’s post, here’s a short poem about Shadow:


Looking at your picture,
seeing your bright smile,
and happy eyes,
that in reality,
it was probably,
an unseen treat,
that got you to sit that way,
that you look so happy,
and so cute,
trying not to think,
of the sadness,
but still feeling it,
in the eyes.

in the picture,
you seem so happy.

You are a wonderful dog Shadow,
and you are loved.