Poem: progress

There were four:

  the horse, the driver, the carriage, and the passenger.

Then there was the horseless carriage and there were three:

  the driver, the car, and the passenger.

Now there is the driverless car and there are two:

  the car and the passenger.

In the future, will there be teleportation, and only be one:

  the passenger?

And after that, will there be virtual travel, and there be none?

Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Flows and Stops: Beside his car

He stood beside his car and took a step,


He carried in his hand,

           something small that felt so weightless,

                      and he felt empty inside just like his,

gas can.


(2/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Flows and Stops

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Poem with an explanation: Caterpillar

With slow little steps,
the small caterpillar walked,
beneath the fast car.

The above poem is a haiku.  It is written in the 5/7/5 syllable format.  The poem was inspired by an actual caterpillar crossing a street.  The point of the poem is to contrast the slow tiny caterpillar with the large fast car, by having an imagery of the caterpillar beneath the car.  One question implied by the poem is: will the caterpillar be run over by the car?  The caterpillar in the poem (and the actual caterpillar that inspired the poem) are crossing a street.  They both face a dilemma of moving cars.  As each car comes by, there is a space where the caterpillar will be alright, and a space where it will not.  In some ways, the caterpillar does not seem to notice the difference.  Similarly, vehicles driving by, most likely would not notice the caterpillar.  One idea is that the imagery of the poem can be applied as a metaphor to different situations in life.