Artwork to inspire poetry: Charcoal Pear

Charcoal Pear

The artwork above is a charcoal drawing of a pear.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

The pear found on the table,
the day after the accident,
seemed surreal.


Artwork to inspire poetry: Charcoal


Above, is a charcoal drawing (followed by computer alteration)

of a piece of charcoal

made with

the same piece of charcoal.

There is some significance here, which could inspire poetry.  For instance, there is the idea that, that as the artwork was made, the charcoal changed, and therefore no longer looked like the original charcoal.  This idea could be applied to poetry.

Shadow Commemoration Day Fifteen


Above is an artwork of Shadow.  It was made using charcoal followed by alteration with a computer.  Charcoal seemed an appropriate medium, and the blue hue seemed fitting.  Like other artworks on this blog, this one can inspire poetry.


As a note, this is the 500th blog post on this blog.  Also, April 24th, 2016, will be the two year anniversary of this blog.  Each of these events would have normally have had a post for them, however, at this time, they will not.