Poetry topic idea: gossip

Today’s poetry topic idea is gossip.  There are different ways a poet could use gossip in poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • People gossiping about the poet. They could write about what they could say, how they would say it, and what the poet would feel.

  • People gossiping about some third person. A poet could write about people gossiping about someone other than the poet.  Again, they could write what they could say, how they would say it, and what the person they are talking about would feel.

  • The effects of gossip.

  • Celebrity gossip. A poet could write about this from different perspectives.  They could write about celebrities, the gossipers, and the people consuming the gossip.

  • The truth or falseness of gossip.

  • Themselves gossiping. A poet could write a poem where they gossip.  Rather than doing harmful gossip though, the poet could focus on the effects of their gossip.  They could view it remorsefully.

  • Nonhuman objects or beings gossiping. A poet could write a poem where animals gossip.  They could write a poem where objects gossips (e.g. the romance book on a shelf gossiping about a science fiction book on another shelf).

Here is an example poem using the idea of gossip:

Did you hear about Ham?


He dumped Cheddar for Swiss.

 No way!

That’s not all,
last week,
he was seen with Colby.

 wasn’t Colby,
 with Turkey?

Poem series: Rondeaux Two: The Butter Melted

The Butter Melted

The butter melted within the pan,
and then around the edge it ran,
and in the pan the bread did go,
the slices placed within a row,
to cook right there as was the plan.

And in the box the eyes did scan,
to find the cheese behind the flan,
and then the heat was set to low,
the butter melted.

The bread did cook and it turned tan,
and seemed the color of rattan,
and the cheese did melt in a manner slow,
and made a food that seemed to glow,
that was served on a plate colored cyan,
the butter melted.