Post Series: Advent: Poetry topic idea: Christmas carols

Today’s poetry topic idea is Christmas carols.  Rather than writing about Christmas carols that already exist, you could write your own Christmas carol as a poem.

In writing a Christmas carol, you might consider taking into account form elements such as meter, rhyme, syllable count, alliteration, mirroring, and other ideas.  Sound in a Christmas carol is important and using these elements can help when trying to achieve the right sound.

When writing a Christmas carol as a poem, one thing that makes it different from a song, is that there is no inherent melody that is communicated to the reader.  There is no inherent way to sing the poem.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue though.  First, if the poem has the right sound, it might not need a melody.  Second, a melody could be applied and communicated to the reader if a poet wanted to.  Third, readers could apply their own melody to the poem.

When writing a Christmas carol as a poem, there are a number of ideas you could use.  You could write about:

  • The Nativity story. You could write about the whole story, parts of it, or different people in it.

  • Christmas Eve. You could focus on the time right before Christmas.

  • The twelve days of Christmas. Although there is already at least one Christmas carol that focuses on this time, you could focus on it from a different perspective.

  • Christmas morning. This is a time of celebration and focus and could be written about in a carol.

  • A poem about characters that focuses on ideas like hope, joy, or redemption.

  • Christmas traditions. This could cover a number of ideas such as Christmas trees, Christmas cookies, and presents.

  • A poem focusing on the sensory elements of celebrating Christmas (sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and how things feel).

Here is an example Christmas carol poem:

O’ dear friend,
do you see,
the bright and shiny,
Christmas tree?

Upon its bows,
the lights do glow,
so think of the star,
that you do know.

The canes of candy,
there hung with care,
remind of shepherds,
and how they did fare.

The little packages,
placed up so high,
are the like the gifts,
brought by Magi.

The many spheres,
that you do see,
are like the fruit,
of a special tree.

The tree itself,
should point the way,
to that one tree,
from that one day.

O’ dear friend,
do you see,
the bright and shiny,
Christmas tree?

Post Series: Advent: Bilingual Poem: This year, do something different

This year,
do something different.

Don’t get,
a plastic tree,
that looks alive.

Don’t get,
a real tree,
that was alive.

a living tree,
that is alive.


Este año,
hace algo distinto.

No obtiene,
un árbol de plástico,
que parece vivo.

No obtiene,
un árbol legítimo,
que estado vivo.

un árbol que vive,
que es vivo.

Post Series: The Christmas Series: Poem with an explanation: Christmas tree

Christmas tree

A branch,
a coffee can,
foil from chewing gum,
caps from sodas,
cut shapes from cereal boxes,
paper clips,
can labels,
 cut into strips,
 and taped together,
a lamp,
 with a piece of pink plastic,
 dangling in front,
 of the bulb.


This poem is about a Christmas tree.  Rather than being about a large artificial or real tree covered in lights and ornaments the poem describes a tree that a poor person might put together with things they may have.  The person, despite not having much, still takes the time and effort to make a tree.  Although the tree does not meet a certain level of expectation, in the person’s circumstance, it still serves a purpose.  The description of the tree in the poem, is meant to be positive, rather than negative.

Poem: The Christmas Tree

On M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there will be no posts December 24th, 2014 – December 28th, 2014 because of the Christmas holiday and the weekend.  In light of this, today’s post has a Christmas poem.  Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Tree

The barrel was made of wood slats,
that came from an oak tree,
it was as large as some wine vats,
that in a cave might be.

The barrel was then cut in two,
and one half set aside,
the other half was then brought through,
a gate that was so wide.

Behind the gate there were some stones,
and roses that grew tall,
and rosemary that had green tones,
and a small waterfall.

The half barrel was then so placed,
upon the center stone,
and this is where it would be based,
just this barrel alone.

And then soil was brought by cart,
to fill the barrel high,
and when it seemed like some fine art,
the cart then bid goodbye.

Another cart then passed on through,
the gate before the stones,
and this small cart had something too,
and it had dark green tones.

The thing that was in the small cart,
was a small evergreen,
one year ago its growth did start,
and now bright leaves were seen.

This small green tree that now was there,
the barrel it went in,
and it was planted with such care,
as straight as a new pin.

Then oak leaves fell and cold wind blew,
and snow did fall around,
the days left in the year were few,
as little made a sound.

Then a new cart went through the gate,
filled up with things so bright,
that for this time of year did wait,
to shine in the daylight.

The small glass balls and bright red bows,
did go upon the tree,
and like the flowers of a rose,
they were so bright to see.

The small glass balls and bright red bows,
did decorate the sight,
of the small tree that had a pose,
that shown in the daylight.

The Christmas tree it did so glow,
and celebrate the time,
when hope did come so long ago,
and now for it bells chime.