Poem Series: George: Christmas gifts

Your Christmas gifts,
the treats,
the toy,
the mineral thing,
you’ll never get to use them.
Sorry George.
you can have some flowers.


A photograph to inspire poetry: Christmas leaves

Christmas leaves

Above is a photograph of red and green leaves.  The leaves are in traditional Christmas colors.  This photograph can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it.

The tree,
knows better.
Christmas starts,
on Christmas Day,
it doesn’t end.
These decorations,
will be out,
for a while.

Artwork to inspire poetry: A Christmas box

Christmas box

This artwork is of a Christmas box.  The original box was made of wooden cube-like blocks.  There were eighty eight blocks.  The blocks were glued together to make the box and individually painted.  A sealer was then applied.  There are hinges holding the lid.  A picture of the box was taken and it was computer altered to give the artwork shown.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • What could be in the box and the significance of it.

  • The idea of individual pieces making a whole.

  • The idea of tradition, as shown by the red and green coloration.

  • The idea of making something by hand.

  • The idea of gifts.

Poem: Such is today

So let’s see,
there’s movies,
real ones,
and the ones on TV,
there’s music,
the one’s on CDs (do you know what those are?),
and on the radio,
there’s books,
how about one of poems,
and a fiction one,
there’s decorations,
indoor stuff,
and outdoor stuff,
there’s gifts,
so much to buy,
without knowing what to buy,
there’s wrapping,
it never seems to fit,
and gets torn up anyway,
there’s food,
cookies, cookies, cookies,
ham, potatoes, gravy,
there’s other stuff,
driving to see lights,
getting dressed up,
and other things.

Is all of this,
a list?
a list of things,
to get done,
to check off?
are they obligations,
needed things,
things that if not done,
(even though there is some sense of not wanting to do them),
there will be remorse,
or regret?

What if one year,
it wasn’t done?
What would that feel like?

there’s that other thing,
it’s in there,
it is,
you know,
the truth,
it’s in there,
but somehow,
it isn’t sinking in.

One day,
one day,
far away,
in a different place,
with the wood burning stove,
and the orchard,
things may be different.

Things may be,
like the unformed image,
seems to be,
with the candles,
the tree in a pot,
the real wreaths,
and glass,
that one long stocking,
and quiet.

One day.

sitting here though,
there’s a long list done,
and a long list to do.

Such is today.


P.S.  Sunday is Christmas.  Merry Christmas.  In light of this, there will be no new post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things on Monday, December 26, 2016.  Have a nice Christmas.

Poem with an explanation: the lights are dim this year

From fear,
of height and task,
the lights are dim this year,
and there within the empty walls,
sand flows.


This poem is about Christmas lights.  The first two lines give a reason for something, the third line says what the something is, and the last two lines describe the consequence.

In the poem, a person does not put Christmas lights on their home.  This is stated in the third line as “the lights are dim this year”.  The reason the person does not put up the lights is that they are afraid of something (From fear).  The person is afraid of climbing up on their roof (of height) and of the work that putting up lights will involve (and task).

Because the person does not put up Christmas lights, there is a consequence.  On the inside, the person wants to put up the lights (or, rather, wants the lights to be up).  The person though does not do what they want, because of the fear they have.  This causes a sense of discomfort in the person.  This discomfort comes from the fact that there is only a short time each year that the person can have Christmas lights on their house, and if they don’t put them up, they will miss their opportunity.  These ideas are described in the last two lines.

In the fourth line of the poem, and there within the empty walls, there is a literal and figurative meaning.  On the literal side, because the person has been affected by not putting up lights outside of their home, it has caused them stress, which has led to them not decorating the inside of their house as much as they would have.  That is why the walls of their house are described as empty.  In a figurative sense, the person is empty inside because they have not done something they wanted to do.  This emptiness is manifested in the fifth line.

In the fifth line, sand flows, the somewhat cliché idea of sand flowing to signify time flowing is used.  The cliché is used because the person has only taken one step in the feeling.  They have not gone to a deeper place.  All they feel, is the time flowing by and their opportunity to put lights up going away.  The person hasn’t thought more about it.

In addition to this being a poem about Christmas lights, it also has a broader meaning.  It is more generally, a poem about missed opportunity.  The poem describes a situation where an opportunity was willfully being missed, and yet there was still time to take the opportunity.  It describes the feeling of waiting while the time disappears.  It focuses on the consciousness of missing an opportunity.

This poem is a cinquain.  It has five lines, is written in iambic meter and follows the syllable and stress pattern of one type of the form.  Because the form was short, it gave a sense of trying to think of more poignant ideas and phrases to get the message across.


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Gift Ideas: Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming soon!

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Understanding: poems with explanations by M. Sakran

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Vintrig's Kingdom by Freya Pickard

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Post Series: The Christmas Series: Poem: Today is the last day

Today is the last day,
to wear the red hat,
(at least at home),
and have it be alright.

wreaths come down,
lights ball up,
and after presumably many hours,
“Wow, things look empty.”

Today is the last day,
to wear the red hat,
but that is okay,
for though tomorrow,
wreaths come down,
lights ball up,
and things start to look empty,
it is not gone.

some of it is stored,
in unmarked bins,
to not be found,
until late next year,
it is not gone,
it is still here.

Note: This is the last post of The Christmas Series.

Post Series: The Christmas Series: Bilingual Poem: A list

watch movies,
see specials,
read books,
attend a service,
put up lights,
see lights,
set up decorations,
decorate the tree,
buy gifts,
wrap gifts,
make cookies,
make food,
write cards,
send cards,
attend events,
wear special clothes,
wear a special hat,
do something charitable,
hmm …
hmm …
is there more?

should this be a list?


Todo debido,
mirar películas,
ver especials,
leer libros,
asistir a una misa,
colgar luzes,
ver luzes,
colocar decoraciónes,
decorar el árbol,
comprar regalos,
envolver regalos,
hacer galletas,
hacer comida,
escribir tarjetas,
mandar tarjetas,
asistir acontecimientos,
llevar ropa especial,
llevar un sombrero especial,
hacer algo benéfico,
hmm …
hmm …
es mas?

sería una lista?

Note: As noted previously, M. Sakran is not bilingual, and therefore there may be some errors in the Spanish translation above.  Please forgive any errors in the translation.

P.S. Because of New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the weekend, there will be no posts on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things December 31, 2015 – January 3, 2016.  Happy New Year in advance.

The Christmas Series will continue on January 4, 2016 and will end on January 5, 2016.

Post Series: The Christmas Series: Poetry topic idea: Light

Today’s poetry topic idea is light.  There are many elements of light in Christmas.  Some examples include:

  • The light of the star in the Christmas story
  • The light of Christ
  • Candles
  • Christmas lights
  • Light as it relates to the winter solstice (for those in the northern hemisphere)
  • Metaphorical uses of light

Any of the above examples could be used as an idea in poetry.