Post series: Advent: Poem: Why is all this going on?

Why is all this going on?

To an outside observer,
someone who had no previous knowledge,
it would all seem,
a bit absurd.

are putting fake trees in their houses.

Thousands of little light bulbs,
are being strung outside.

People are shopping everywhere.

Movies are playing
with singing snowmen.

There’s talk of reindeer
flying in the sky.

Why is all this going on?

What is all this about?

Why are millions and millions
of seemingly rational people
doing all of this?

There must be a reason.

There must be something behind it.

There must be something
with meaning
and importance
and significance.

This all can’t be
just some long festival.

There has to be a reason for all of this.

There has to be an answer to the question.

There has to be a reason,
why all of this,
is going on.


P. S. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving. Because of the holiday, there will not be a new post on the blog November 28, 2019 – December 1, 2019.  The next new post will be on December 2, 2019.

Post Series: Advent: Artwork to inspire poetry: twelve acorns

twelve days

Above is an artwork of twelve acorns.  It is a photograph that was made black and white.

The twelve acorns represent the twelve days of Christmas.  Each acorn could potentially become a tree, symbolizing the potential of the twelve days.  The acorns are stacked in a Christmas tree type shape.

The artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

there can often be
great potential
in the little things

Post Series: Advent: Bilingual Poem: This year, do something different

This year,
do something different.

Don’t get,
a plastic tree,
that looks alive.

Don’t get,
a real tree,
that was alive.

a living tree,
that is alive.


Este año,
hace algo distinto.

No obtiene,
un árbol de plástico,
que parece vivo.

No obtiene,
un árbol legítimo,
que estado vivo.

un árbol que vive,
que es vivo.

Post Series: Advent: Artwork to inspire poetry: wrapped Christmas present

wrapped Christmas present

Above is an artwork of a wrapped Christmas present.  It was done in a simple design using the traditional Christmas colors of red and green.  The artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

a gift in a box
can change someone’s life
for the better
in a dramatic way

as you shop this season
look for these

if you can’t find one though
then forgo the box
and do for another
and help them in ways
that can’t be wrapped

Post Series: Advent: Poem with an explanation: Political Correctness

Even if others
deem it politically incorrect,
say, “Merry Christmas”.

This poem looks at the notion of “Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas” and takes a position.  The idea of the poem is presented clearly: Even if others deem it politically incorrect, say, “Merry Christmas”.  The poem says to take a stand for a belief even if others disagree.

Post Series: Advent: Poetry topic idea: Christmas symbols

Throughout Advent and through the Christmas season you are likely to encounter a number of Christmas symbols.  This includes things like stars, wreaths, Christmas trees, ornaments, candy canes, presents, nutcrackers, and so forth.

You could explore these different symbols in poetry.  You could take some time to learn about their history, their original meanings, their current meanings, how their meanings have changed over time, and how Christian symbolism can be applied to them.

You could either pick one topic such as stars, and explore it in depth, or you could explore a number of different topics in one poem.

This exercise could be a good learning experience about Christmas symbols and it could help you to explain them to others.  It could also be a good exercise to learn about and apply Christian symbolism to the different symbols, both those that started with them, and those that had them applied later.

Here is an example poem looking at stars:

As you place the star,
atop the tree,
and plug the plug,
turn down the lights,
and watch it shine,
think back,
to that one star,
that brought men from the east,
hundreds or thousands of miles,
in search of someone,
they had never met,
whose name they did not know,
whose story they had not heard.

Think about,
how they may have seemed,
to those who knew them.

How strange it must have seemed,
to hear them say,
they were following a light,
to an unknown place.

Think about the journey they took,
the hardships they encountered,
and the faith the must have had.

Think about what they left,
what they risked,
and who they found.

As you look at the star,
atop your tree,
think back,
to that one star,
and see it,
in a new light.

Artwork to inspire poetry: A Christmas box

Christmas box

This artwork is of a Christmas box.  The original box was made of wooden cube-like blocks.  There were eighty eight blocks.  The blocks were glued together to make the box and individually painted.  A sealer was then applied.  There are hinges holding the lid.  A picture of the box was taken and it was computer altered to give the artwork shown.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • What could be in the box and the significance of it.

  • The idea of individual pieces making a whole.

  • The idea of tradition, as shown by the red and green coloration.

  • The idea of making something by hand.

  • The idea of gifts.

Poem: Such is today

So let’s see,
there’s movies,
real ones,
and the ones on TV,
there’s music,
the one’s on CDs (do you know what those are?),
and on the radio,
there’s books,
how about one of poems,
and a fiction one,
there’s decorations,
indoor stuff,
and outdoor stuff,
there’s gifts,
so much to buy,
without knowing what to buy,
there’s wrapping,
it never seems to fit,
and gets torn up anyway,
there’s food,
cookies, cookies, cookies,
ham, potatoes, gravy,
there’s other stuff,
driving to see lights,
getting dressed up,
and other things.

Is all of this,
a list?
a list of things,
to get done,
to check off?
are they obligations,
needed things,
things that if not done,
(even though there is some sense of not wanting to do them),
there will be remorse,
or regret?

What if one year,
it wasn’t done?
What would that feel like?

there’s that other thing,
it’s in there,
it is,
you know,
the truth,
it’s in there,
but somehow,
it isn’t sinking in.

One day,
one day,
far away,
in a different place,
with the wood burning stove,
and the orchard,
things may be different.

Things may be,
like the unformed image,
seems to be,
with the candles,
the tree in a pot,
the real wreaths,
and glass,
that one long stocking,
and quiet.

One day.

sitting here though,
there’s a long list done,
and a long list to do.

Such is today.


P.S.  Sunday is Christmas.  Merry Christmas.  In light of this, there will be no new post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things on Monday, December 26, 2016.  Have a nice Christmas.