Artwork to inspire poetry: Produce


Above is an artwork titled produce.  It consists of a potato, a kiwi, a tomato, a zucchini, three apples, a pear, a mushroom, a bell pepper, and a squash.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

the grocery deliver person came
the door was closed until they left
everything was washed outside
then washed inside again
such is
how things are

Poetry topic idea: cleaning

Today’s poetry topic idea is cleaning.  There are a number of ways a poet could write about cleaning.  A poet could write about:

  • Cleaning a building.

  • Cleaning workers.

  • Spring cleaning.

  • Cleaning metaphorically.

  • Sanitizing.

  • Cleaning an object.

  • Clean as a metaphor for being off drugs.

  • Clean in a medical sense.

  • Clean as in containing no objectionable content.

  • Cleaning up a town (as might be seen in an old western).


Here is a poem using the idea of cleaning:

they thought the staff
was overpaid
until the staff left
and they themselves
had to do the work