Bilingual Poem: Accomplishment

Today’s accomplishment,
would have been,
ironing the clothes,
had there been,
more initiative.


El logro de hoy,
tendría estado,
planchando las ropas,
tenido estado,
más iniciativa.


Note: A regular category on M. Sakran’s blog is bilingual poems.  These are poems written in English and in Spanish.  To be clear, M. Sakran is not bilingual in English and Spanish.  M. Sakran writes the poems in English and then translates them into Spanish using a bilingual dictionary, looking up verb conjugation, and remembering certain words.  M. Sakran does not use translation software.  Because of this, there may be, from time to time, errors in the Spanish translations.  Please forgive the errors.  Part of the reason for M. Sakran including this category was for M. Sakran to learn more Spanish.  While using translation software, at any point in the process, might make the translations more correct, it would make trying to learn the proper words less imperative.

Bilingual Poem: Dear future

Dear future,
please accept this apology,
on behalf of present,
because of its hair style.

P. S. Past would like to say it’s sorry for the clothes.


Estimado futuro,
por favor acepta esta disculpa,
en nombre de presente,
porque de le moda de pelo.

D. L. Pasado querría hablar le arrepentido por las ropas.